The Efficacy of Metguard as per EIS

EIS is a vital tool to inspect the electrochemical corrosion of metals. Learn the efficacy of the best anti rust paint for metal as per EIS.

EIS or Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy refers to an important tool that investigates the electrochemical corrosion of metals. When it is carried out on coated/painted metal, it studies the metal coating interface for corrosion. Hence, its findings help qualitatively determine undercutting corrosion/creep from scribes in traditional salt fog exposure studies. Read on to know the efficacy of Metguard, the best anti rust paint for metal as per EIS.

Role of EIS in detecting corrosion protection

An essential aspect of an EIS investigation is the determination of corrosion current. The coating, here, plays a pivotal role through its pore resistance, polarization resistance and charge transfer resistance. A higher resistance value (Rp) correlates to a decrease in corrosion current. This current is, therefore, linked to the corrosion rate and the longevity of painted structures.  

How effective is Metguard as per EIS?

During an EIS study, Metguard has shown a virtual elimination of metal loss from structures via in situ passivation of metal’s interface. It has been determined that the coating arrests undercutting (creep corrosion) below the paint film.  Thus, it was proven that the best anti rust paint for metal extends the lifecycle of all painted metal structures.

Observations from EIS study of Metguard

  • Zero creep from scribe was noticed after 2000 hours of salt fog exposure on black, non-blasted steel.
  • Polarization/pore resistance of Metguard coating on steel was maintained at Giga-ohms.cm2 after 7000 hours of contact exposure in Electrochemical Impedance (EIS). This test was carried out on both non-blasted black hot rolled steel and pre-rusted HRS. There is not much data available for most competitive schemes. 
  • It was also observed that Metguard, the best anti corrosive coating, requires minimal surface preparation for pre-rusted as well as new structures. This results in the complete elimination of sand/grit/shot blasting during surface preparation. Moreover, maintenance is also simpler because the top coat is recoatable and the removal of the base coat is usually unnecessary. It is not possible with epoxy coatings because of underlying creep propagation, which needs extensive surface preparation at the time of maintenance.

The comprehensive EIS studies confirm that Metguard stands out as an effective solution in the fight against corrosion, offering a superior level of protection for painted metal structures.All these observations from the EIS test have proven the efficacy of Metguard as the best anti rust paint for metal over other anti-corrosive coatings.